Master Molty Foam Sleep Mattress – 6 Inches

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Single, King & Queen

Master MoltyfoamPerformance Series

Model: Molty

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Single: 78x42x6 Inches

Queen: 78x66x6 Inches

Single: 78x72x6 Inches

Master MoltyFoam is the ultimate namein quality and is best acclaimed for its great value and comfort! The mattress is made on a High-Pressure Technology. A mattress which promises and ensures you the most comfortable sleep.

High-Pressure technology:The only High-Pressure foam in the country. The steadiness makes it long lasting and more durable

HR Foam:High density, quick recovery foam. The super soft feature adds additional comfort while offering a sturdy support

Fresh Guard Technology:Fabric treated with antimicrobial finish. It limits dirt and does not allow growth of dust mites and fungi etc

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